Install CASIL Batteries

A low battery status us usually indicated by an alarm system on the keypad. After ordering a replacement Casil battery, here are the three simple steps on how to replace the old battery in your security alarm panel with the new Casil replacement battery.

  1. Remove the existing battery by disconnecting the two leads attached to the terminal contacts on the battery. These are typically red (negative) and black (positive).
  2. Put the new Casil Alarm Battery in place and attach the lead wires to the battery’s terminals matching black to black and red to red.
  3. It may take a while for the ‘low battery’ indicator to disappear from your connected keypad, so wait up to five hours for the system to do so.

After following the aforementioned steps, your Casil Alarm Battery should be completely functional and ready to be used in case your alarm system experiences any other power fluctuations.

The original Casil Alarm Battery that you have replaced is fully recyclable and in many states it is required that you do so by law. Full service auto mechanics can usually take care of this, but check with your local waste management officials for exact disposal procedures.