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Andrew Dobbs

One of the top contributors to CasilBatteries, Andrew Dobbs has a long and storied history in the security and surveillance industry. Starting back in 1989 with local alarm monitoring companies, Andrew worked as a local alarm installer, which mostly consisted of replacing Casil alarm batteries. Throughout the course of his work with the aformentioned company, Andrew learned about the technology that would pave the way for home security systems to be installed in residences nationwide. As an avid fan of writing and journalism, Andrew would maintain a blog about the best tips for managing your home alarm system, which would include his fevrent advocation for replacing your own alarm battery. Casil Batteries is now proud to showcase Andrew as one of our top contributors for Casil Batteries, as we look to bring our customer base the latest development on Casil Batteries and their applications in residential, commercial and industrial alarm system settings.


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