Casil CA1270 12 V 7 Ah SLA Alarm Battery

The Casil CA1270 is the ideal choice for any application requiring a Sealed Lead Acid AlarmBattery of the 12 Volt 7 Amp variety. The Casil CA1270 is most commonly installed as a backup battery for alarm panels, surge protector / battery back-up combos and many other applications that call for a 12 Volt 4 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery, but can also be used for primary power applications, such as electric scooters and children's toys. The installation of a Casil CA1270 is fairly simply for most applications, as the leads or wires just need to be matched up to the red and black color coded tabs on the top of the Casil CA1270.


The Casil CA1270 is the best choice for a trusted SLA battery, used in a variety of backup battery applications because of it's trusted reputation for excellence. Casil batteries are manufacturered with quality and performance in mind and it shows throughout the performance. The fact is that we very often lose power in our homes, whether it be a natural disaster, a local power outage or even a malfunction in our home power box, we need the best backup battery protection available. That's why thousands of homes choose the Casil CA1270.