Casil CA1240 12 V 4 Ah SLA Alarm Battery

The Casil CA1240 is a Sealed Lead Acid Alarm Battery ideal for use in backup battery applications. The Casil CA1240 also can operate in primary power applications, but it is most commonly found as a backup battery for alarm panels, surge protector / battery back-up combos and many other applications that call for a 12 Volt 4 Amp Hour Sealed Lead Acid Battery.


The CA1240 has been installed in thousands of security and surveillance systems across the country, as a source of backup battery power. Casil is the trusted SLA Battery for countless brands including Honeywell, DSC, GE Security and Napco Security and it's easy to see why. The CA1240 is without a doubt the best SLA battery money can buy, because it's always going to be there when you need it most.